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Brookline Police staff directory

Name Title Email Phone
Lipson, Andrew Police Chief 617-730-2241
Morgan, Mark Superintendent
Campbell, Paul Lieutenant, Office of Professional Responsibility
Paster, Jennifer Lieutenant Accreditation
Wilder, Scott Technology
Yee, Steve Technology
Community Service division
Name Title Email Phone
Gropman, Michael Deputy Superintendent /Community Service
Harrington, Philip Lieutenant/ Training/PIO Philip Harrington 617-730-2253
Muise, Peter
McCabe, Katie School resource officer 617-730-2609
Division, Community Service
Stephenson, Tim Walk and Talk officer
O’Connor, Lauren Walk and Talk officer 617-730-2608
Lawlor, Michelle Walk and Talk officer
Disario, Michael Community service officer 617-730-2786
Kerrigan, Donal School resource officer Donal Kerrigan 617-730-2787
Amendola, Andrew Sergeant Sgt. Amendola
Goon, Nicholas Community service officer
Detective Division
Name Title Email Phone
Burke, Stephen Deputy Superintendant Deputy Superintendant Burke 617-730-2242
Cullinane, Paul Lieutenant Lt. Paul Cullinane 617-730-2605
Allen, Richard Lieutenant Lt. Richard Allen 617-232-4660 ext 43
Ward, Thomas Lieutenant Lt. Thomas Ward 617-730-2714
Thornton, Charles Sergeant Sgt. Charles Thornton 617-730-6465
Malinn, Chris Sergeant / Firearms Licensing Sgt. Chris Malinn 617-730-2240
Emmerso, Jeff Detective Jeff Emmerso 617-730-2243
O’Leary, Thomas Detective Thomas O’Leary 617-730-2711
McDonnell, Julie Detective Julie McDonnell 617-730-2720
Mahoney, Pat Detective Pat Mahoney 617-730-2718
Wagner, David Detective Property /Evidence David Wagner 617-730-2252
O’Kane, Justin Detective Crime Scene/ ID unit Justin O’Kane 617-730-2716
Crespo, Carlos Detective Crime Scene/ ID unit Carlos Crespo 617-730-6433
Lacy, Keith Detective / Intelligence Keith Lacy 617-730-2613
Kajita, Yu Detective Yu Kajita 617-730-2712
Gustie, Al Detective Al Gustie 617-730-2717
McDonnell, Matthew Sergeant Sergeant McDonnell
Kelliher, Brendon Detective Brendon Kelliher 617-730-2719
Thornton, Charles Sergeant
Division Commanders
Name Title Email Phone
Morgan, Mark P. Superintendent
Gropman, Michael Deputy Superintendent / Community Service Division 617-730-2735
Murphy, Myles Deputy Superintendent / Traffic Division
Burke, Stephen Deputy Superintendent / Detective Division Deputy Superintendant Burke 617-730-2242
Ward, Thomas Deputy Superintendent Patrol Division Deputy Thomas Ward 617-730-2241
Patrol Division
Name Title Email Phone
Murphy, Myles Deputy Superintendent / Traffic Division
Hayes, Derek Lieutenant
Cullinane, Paul Lieutenant
McCarthy, Michael Lieutenant
Disario, Robert Sergeant
Gruber, Ilya Sergeant
Lawlor, Robert Sergeant
Ferris, Thomas Sergeant
Heavey, Michael Sergeant
Hunter, Michael
Kirby, Kaitlin
Keaveney, Brian
Williams, Sean
Lee, Ryan
King, Joe
Amendola, Edward
Amendola, Joeseph
Elwood, Patrick
Hall, Amy
Serrano, Mario
Disario, Michael
Teahan, Robert
Inchierca, Dana
Kelliher, Brendan
Cheung, David
Kajita, Yu
Hill, David
Jennings, John
Keaveney, Michael
Gustie, Al
O’Connor, Lauren
Avila, Daniel
Sullivan, John
Weinstein, Steven
Tam, Edward
Danforth, Duane
Sullivan, Kevin
Stephenson, Timothy
Yanez, Daniel
Kerrigan, Donal
Mayer, Robert
Morgan, Brendan
Richards, Raymond
Brother, Noah
Carlisle-Swedberg, Rafaela
Collins, Robert M.
Russell, Sean
Bradley, John
Collins, Robert B.
Fay, Michael
Healy, Kristin
Lawlor, Michelle
O’Connor, Michael
Bridges, Brian
Molloy, Cheryl
Santos, Oscar
Yee, Timothy
Yung, Steven
Amendola, Alfred
Mealy, Kevin Lieutenant
Amendola, Andrew Sergeant
Sutherland, Brian Sergeant
O’Neil, Russell Sergeant
Hatchett, Casey Sergeant
Murphy, Michael Lieutenant Patrol
Traffic Division
Name Title Email Phone
Murphy, Myles Deputy Superintendent / Traffic Division
Trahon, Mark Sergeant
Keaveney, Brian Traffic Officer Brian Keaveney 617-730-2739
Canney, John
Fallon, Kevin

All information is from the Brookline Police website

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