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Article written by: Nina Rogers

Madeline Fine, the owner of finecreationsjewelry, has been making jewelry for the past 40 years. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, finecreationsjewelry’s physical store is currently closed, but you can continue to support the business through their website and by signing up for their mailing list. Fine sells bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, pins and pendants. Through each piece that she creates, Fine strives to create whimsical, creative jewelry that is both beautiful and affordable. She hopes that those who buy her jewelry are able to express themselves to their fullest extent and that her work allows them to increase their self-confidence. On top of creating original pieces, Fine also repairs jewelry that customers bring in; these initial consultations are free of charge. She would love to receive any feedback from customers and her contact information can be found on her website. Above all, Fine wishes to remind customers through her work that, “everything is going to be okay,” and hopes that her work can be a creative outlet for anyone in need of one.
(617) 335-4326

Photo contributed by Madeline Fine

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