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Taberna De Haro


Article written by: Gavi Meyers

With over 300 wines on the wine list and a diverse array of tapas, Taberna de Haro has been transporting the people of Brookline to Spain since 1998. The restaurant remains open for takeout and you can support Taberna de Haro by either buying a gift certificate or t-shirt or by telling your friends about the business. Chef and owner Deborah Hanson wants to remind people that in order to keep Brookline a place with fun and unique independently-owned businesses, it is vital to support them during these difficult times.

“If I can bring you a few minutes of comfort and fun through conversation or through food, then that’s what I can do,” Hanson said.

999 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446
(781) 771-3268

Photo contributed by Deborah Hansen

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