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August 13, 2019


August 13, 2019

At approximately 12:09 PM an Officer was working a paid detail near Brookline Village and was approached by an unknown person. This person was not wearing a shirt or shoes and was inquiring where the closest attorney’s office was. The Officer supplied the man with the information, but was concerned for the man’s mental health well-being. The officer identified the man and discovered the he had an active warrant out of Brighton District Court. The man was placed under arrest.

At approximately 1:00 PM Officers responded to Marion Street for the report of a resident who captured a bat in their apartment. When officers arrived on scene they collected the captured bat and sent it to the Massachusetts State Laboratory for rabies testing.

August 14, 2019

At approximately 6:25 PM Officers responded to a call of a citizen chasing someone who stole his bike near the Pond Avenue and Washington Street. The bike had been stolen on Sunday and the victim recognized it as his bike. Officers were able to stop the suspect, who admitted it wasn’t his bike, and it was returned to the owner. It was determine that the suspect would not be charged with a crime due to his age, cooperative attitude, lack of criminal history and the fact that the victim did not want to pursue the matter.

August 15, 2019

At approximately 2:30 AM officers responded to a bat call on Warwick Road. The reporting party stated that she awoke to find a bat flying around her bedroom. The bat was not able to be located. Due to the possibility of exposure officers filled out a rabies exposure form and advised the reporting party of the precautions she should take.

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