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Climate is Everybody’s Business


The Brookline Chamber is proud to be part of “Climate is Everybody’s Business,” an exciting new initiative created by Climate Action Brookline, Mothers Out Front, Boyer Sudduth Environmental Consultants, Brookline’s Ad Hoc Committee for Climate Action Business Outreach and the Chamber. Visit the Chamber’s new website to learn more about how you can green your business and help Brookline achieve its climate goals.

The “Climate is Everybody’s Business” pilot program will officially start with a free workshop, on Tuesday, September 24th from 8:00–10:30am. At this event, participants will be given the education and resources to evaluate their organization’s operational practices and learn how to become more sustainable, with an initial focus on energy use and efficiency. Additionally, the workshop will feature testimonials from local business owners detailing steps taken to reduce climate impact, and will provide the local resources necessary to replicate their success. The program’s subsequent events will include a follow up workshop and a recognition event.

The September workshop participants will form an initial cohort of organizations leading the movement of green business operations in Brookline, and will be recognized for their role in the town’s transition to carbon neutrality.

Have you wanted to make your organization more sustainable, but lacked the time, knowledge, or resources to do so? Join us for the free upcoming workshop and learn how you can green your business, helping to build a sustainable Brookline while saving money. You can learn more and register here. If you are unable to attend the workshop, you can still participate by completing the self-assessment, which will be available on the website in late September.

“Climate is Everybody’s Business” is now not only an important truth, but a practical program that will help us along the path to sustainability.

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