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Seeking PSB Community Input on Revised Discipline Policy


Dear Parents and Guardians,
I write to provide you with an update on the District’s efforts to revise the Discipline Policy. As you may know, the Discipline Policy is currently under review by the Brookline School Committee, through the Subcommittee on Policy Review.
Over the last few months, the Policy has been revised based on the feedback we received from parents, guardians, staff members, and community partners. The revised draft incorporates the feedback received. Because of the importance of this Policy and the implications it has on our schools, the School Committee is seeking additional feedback from all stakeholders to ensure the revised draft policy document better reflects the beliefs of the entire school community.

As you review the Policy, I would like to highlight a few key changes from the last version. As a district, we need to move to a more restorative approach, one that prioritizes building and maintaining relationships as the foundation to teaching and learning. The language and tone of the new version should reflect the district’s move away from an “infraction followed by punishment” approach to practices that proactively build relationships between students, between students and staff, and between staff and families. This restorative approach prevents harm, while also recognizing harm, and restoring relationships when our students make missteps. In keeping with this shift towards restorative practices, we are also proposing that the document be renamed to the Code of Conduct.
Input from parents and guardians is vital to the success of our schools, which is why I write to solicit your feedback on this new draft. I hope you will take the opportunity to review the draft policy. After you have reviewed the revised draft, please take a moment to offer your feedback through this survey. We ask for your feedback no later than Friday, November 2nd, 2018. I thank you in advance for your valuable insight.

If you have any questions about the draft policy, please contact me at
Casey Ngo-MillerInterim Deputy Superintendent for Student Services

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