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Welcome New Staff and Administrators!


In late August, Superintendent Bott and members of the School Committee welcomed over 150 new educators and interns to our Brookline community. The three day orientation introduced the district’s priorities and standards for educational equity, instruction, collaboration, and professional responsibility. Our new educator’s dedication, thoughtfulness, and excitement were clearly evident and we are excited for the upcoming school year.


The district is also welcoming a number of new school-based and central office administrators to the PSB team, and others who will be stepping into new roles for the 2018-2019 school year. We are pleased to announce our new administrators:


PhotoNewAdmin  The School Committee welcomed new administrators at their first meeting of the 2018-2019 School Year on Thursday, September 14. 
(From left to right: Patricia English-Sand, Melissa Devine, Dr. Mary Brown, Kristin Beaupre, Brian Poon, Britt Stevens, Peter Cipparone, Margaret Eberhardt, Jamie Yadoff, Joshua Howe, Kirtan Patel.)


Jamie Yadoff, Vice Principal, Pierce School

Jamie Yadoff is now a Vice Principal at John Pierce School. Ms. Yadoff has worked at Pierce as a 7th and 8th grade teacher since 2005. As a member of the Equity Team and a Principal Intern, Ms. Yadoff has also planned and led professional development for staff, annually created the school schedule, and managed student discipline and parent communication.


An established member of the Brookline community, Ms. Yadoff has over 17 years of teaching experience and was awarded the Excellence in Education award by the Goldin Foundation in 2011. She also served as chair of 8th grade Textbook Selection Committee in 2015. Ms. Yadoff holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Northern Illinois University and Master of Education degree from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Endicott College.

Melissa Devine, Director of Autism and Inclusion Programming

Melissa Devine is the new Director of Autism and Inclusion Programming for the district. Ms. Devine brings to Brookline 22 years of experience working in special education in a variety of positions serving students from preschool to 22 years of age. Most recently, Ms. Devine worked in the Medfield Public Schools, serving in a variety of roles including: special education coordinator, District BCBA, and early childhood coordinator. She also served for four years as a Behavior Specialist for the ACCEPT Education Collaborative, providing school and home based consultation services based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis for pre-K to middle school aged children.


Additionally, Ms. Devine has experience creating district-wide programs and systems to support students with ASD from early childhood to high school. Ms. Devine earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Emmanuel College and a Master of Science degree from Simmons College.

Kristen Beaupre, Out of District Coordinator

Kristen Beaupre is the Interim Out of District Coordinator for the district. Ms. Beaupre has over 20 years of experience in special education. Most recently, she served as the Education Team Facilitator at Driscoll School overseeing special education and many aspects of the Language and Academic Home Base (LAHB) Program. The upcoming year will be Ms. Beaupre’s 5th year in the District, having also worked at Brookline High School.


Prior to Brookline, Ms. Beaupre worked in the Newton Public Schools for 15 years serving K-12 students in special education. She has experience partnering with families, administrators, other school districts and programs, as well as with organizations such as SEPAC, PTOs, and METCO. Ms. Beaupre earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of New Hampshire and a Master of Education from Simmons College.

Peter Cipparone, Interim Vice Principal, Lawrence School

Peter Cipparone is the new interim vice principal at the Lawrence School. Mr. Cipparone is a school leader with extensive background in teaching and learning research, having designed collaborative instruction and responsive management practices within the classroom in his work. He comes to Brookline after most recently serving as Principal Intern with the Stratton Elementary School in Arlington.


Mr. Cipparone was a founding teacher of the NYC Math Lab and previously led professional development for the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project in New York. He has also taught 4th grade in public schools in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Mr. Cipparone earned a Bachelor of Arts from Brown University, a Masters of Education from Lesley University, and is completing a Ph.D. in Teaching and Teacher Education from the University of Michigan.

Margaret Eberhardt, Program Coordinator, Brookline Early Education Program

Margaret Eberhardt is the new Early Childhood Program Coordinator for BEEP. Ms. Eberhardt was the Extended Day Director for BEEP at the Lynch and Putterham locations last year and has over 20 years of early childhood education experience. She has been instrumental in creating an enriching and inclusive program for the diverse students, teachers, and families within the Brookline community.


Prior to joining Brookline, Ms. Eberhardt served as a lead teacher, administrator, and assistant director of the Children’s Happy Day School in West Roxbury. Ms. Eberhardt is also currently a member of the Milton School Committee and has served as a board member for the Milton Foundation for Education since 2008. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from St. Lawrence University and a Master of Arts from Columbia University.

Kirtan Patel, Vice Principal, Heath School

Kirtan Patel joins Brookline as the new vice principal of Heath School. Passionate in promoting equity and excellence in education, Mr. Patel comes to Brookline after serving as Principal Intern at Arlington High School and Milton High School where he led professional development, technology instruction, and instructional coaching for staff. While in Arlington, he planned and executed the high school’s first ever Inclusion Day, a celebration highlighting the diversity, equity, and cultures of the Arlington community.


In addition to his administrative experience, Mr. Patel also taught 7th-8th grade math and science in Chicago and was the Creative Director for BAPS Children’s Activities in Bartlett, Illinois, where he coordinated content creation and mentored students in graphic design and visual production skills. Mr. Patel holds a Bachelor of Science from Lesley University, and Master of Arts in Education degrees from both Dominican University and Harvard University.

Britt Stevens, Interim Coordinator, Career and Technical Education, Brookline High School

Ms. Stevens is the new interim coordinator of Career and Technology Education at Brookline High School.  She joined the Career and Technology Education department in 2009, providing differentiated instruction in business courses to 125 students each semester.  She co-founded English for Entrepreneurs, a project-based curriculum helping over 100 students to launch 20 entrepreneurial projects.  Among her many activities in the district, she has served on the Professional Development Council, is her department’s liaison to the BHS Career Center supporting efforts to revive career readiness initiatives, serves as a mentor to new teachers, and also coached the BHS field hockey team for 6 years.


Ms. Stevens earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at Babson College and her M.Ed in Organizational Management through EDCO’s Educator Leadership Institute.

Brian Poon, Dean of Student Support Systems, Brookline High School

Brian Poon is now the Dean of Student Support Systems at Brookline High School. Mr. Poon has been at BHS for over 20 years, teaching social studies, history, philosophy, and Asian American studies. Most recently, Mr. Poon served as Associate Dean of Students at Brookline High, a position that he has held since 2014. During his tenure at BHS, Mr. Poon was also the Coordinator of the Opportunity for Change program (now called the Alternative Choices in Education program) responsible for the programming, support, and well-being of 48 at-risk students.


Outside of his teaching experience, Mr. Poon also co-founded and co-coordinated the Multi-Racial Affinity Group and the Identity Curriculum, which strive to bring issues of student and staff identity into the BHS community and he has been actively involved with the Strategic Planning Team in the district. Mr. Poon earned a Bachelor of Arts from Haverford College and a Master of Education from Harvard University.

Joshua Howe, Interim Co-Principal, Baker School

Joshua Howe has stepped in as the interim co-principal of the Baker School for the 2018-2019 school year. Mr. Howe has been a vice principal at the Edith C. Baker School since 2015.  Prior to working as a school administrator, Mr. Howe spent 16 years teaching 2nd and 3rd grades at both Baker and Runkle schools. In addition to his work as a teacher, Mr. Howe served on Brookline’s Professional Development Council for 8 years, and participated on the Mathematics Curriculum Review Committee.  


At Baker School, Mr. Howe led Critical Friends Groups and facilitated faculty learning about issues of race and equity in schools, common formative assessments, and curriculum mapping.  Joshua holds a Master in Education degree from the University of Massachusetts.

Patricia English-Sand, Interim Vice Principal, Baker School

Patricia English-Sand is now the interim vice principal of the Baker School.   She was previously the Education Team Facilitator at Baker since 2012, responsible for chairing TEAM meetings, collaborating with the school’s Child Study Team, leading the eligibility determination process, and providing curriculum and instructional training to support teachers to differentiate instruction and utilize data to inform instruction.  Prior to her work in Brookline, Ms. English-Sand worked in the Belmont Public Schools for four years as a special educator and autism inclusion specialist.


Ms. English-Sand earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Assumption College, a Master of Education from Boston College and a certificate of advanced studies from Syracuse University.

Dr. Mary Brown, Senior Director of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Mary Brown is now the Senior Director of Teaching and Learning. Since 2009 Dr. Brown was Principal of the Baker School. While at Baker, Dr. Brown led critically important work as both a school and district leader including school-based Response to Intervention frameworks, robust child study team structures, and she spearheaded “Boohoo, Yahoo” gatherings to help new kindergarten parents adjust after sending their child off to school for the first time.


Prior to coming to Brookline, Dr. Brown worked for the  Westwood Public Schools, serving in a variety of positions including 5th grade teacher, mathematics leader, instructional technology specialist, special education team chair, director of the K-12 summer program and principal of Downey School. Dr. Brown holds a Bachelor of Arts from Wheaton College, a Master of Education from Bridgewater State College, and a Doctor of Education from Boston College.


April Zyirek, Special Education Coordinator, Brookline High School

April Zyirek is the new Special Education Coordinator at Brookline High School. Ms. Zyirek has over 20 years of administrative and leadership experience, most recently serving as the Special Education department head at Walpole High School. She has also worked for the Norwood Public Schools as a Special Education Coordinator and was the Principal of Alternative School Programs for the Assabet Valley Collaborative in Marlborough.


In addition to the wealth of special education experience she brings to Brookline, Ms. Zyirek also currently volunteers as a Cognitive Skills Group Facilitator with the Massachusetts Department of Corrections in Framingham and served as Supervising Practitioner for Education Programs at Framingham State College and Bridgewater State College. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Massachusetts, and Masters of Education from Endicott College and Northeastern University.

Steven Simolaris, Vice Principal, Coolidge Corner School

Steven Simolaris joins Brookline as a vice principal at the Coolidge Corner School. Mr. Simolaris most recently served Somerville Public Schools as the K-12 Supervisor of Health and Wellness, overseeing learning frameworks for healthy social-emotional development. While in Somerville, Mr. Simolaris implemented mindfulness policies for district staff, served as a member of the district’s Joint Study Committee on Educator Evaluation and on the district’s Instructional Leadership Team.


Mr. Simolaris also worked for the Stoughton Public Schools as the Elementary Physical Education/Health Curriculum Coordinator and taught Physical Education for seven years at Gibbons Elementary School. He earned a Bachelor of Arts from Brandeis University and Masters of Education from Fitchburg State University and Endicott College.

Lisa Gilbert-Smith, Dean of Students, Brookline High School

Lisa Gilbert-Smith joins the Brookline team as the Dean of Students for Brookline High School. Ms. Gilbert-Smith brings over 16 years of experience in supporting students, education management, and school administration. She comes to Brookline from Boston Public Schools, having served as Headmaster for the Dearborn STEM Academy and as Headmaster and Dean of Students for Another Course to College. She has also been an administrator at Frederick Douglass Charter School and a teacher and guidance counselor at the Health Careers Academy in Boston.


Ms. Gilbert-Smith takes great pride in providing direct support to her students, having developed individual success plans and convened parent council meetings in her administrative work. Her career has been cultivated by a passion to bring out the best in others. Ms. Gilbert-Smith earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston University and a Master of Education from Harvard University.

Linda Rodrigues, Interim Co-Principal, Baker School

Linda Rodrigues steps in as the interim co-principal of the Baker School for the 2018-2019 school year. Ms. Rodrigues has a wealth of experience in education and is an invaluable member of the Brookline community, having served as vice principal for the Baker School since 2006. Prior to that, she was an Educational Specialist in the Brookline METCO program and a 1st grade teacher at Gilmore Elementary School in Brockton.


In addition to her work in Brookline, Ms. Rodrigues runs Panos, a summer program designed to engage students in engineering and STEAM curriculum through the Cape Verdean Association of Brockton. She earned Magna Cum Laude honors from University of Massachusetts Boston and a Master of Education from Lesley University.

Maisha Rounds, Vice Principal, Lawrence School

Maisha Rounds is the new Vice Principal at the Amos A. Lawrence School. Ms. Rounds comes to Brookline with over 17 years of instructional and administrative experience. Last year she was a Principal Intern for the Putnam Avenue Upper School and the Martin Luther King Jr. School in Cambridge. During her tenure, she helped develop data-driven instruction and collaborative approaches on lesson observations and curriculum.


Prior to moving to the Boston area, Ms. Rounds taught middle school for eight years in Charleston, South Carolina, earning Teacher of the Year honors from the Charleston County School District in 2010 and STAR Teacher honors from the Palmetto State Teachers Association in 2011. Ms. Rounds holds a Bachelor of Science from Winthrop University, a Master of Education from Winthrop University and Harvard University, and is completing a Doctorate of Education from Vanderbilt University.

Dr. Nadene Moll, Interim Co-Director of PreK-8 Special Education

Dr. Nadene Moll is now the interim co-director of Special Education for grades PreK-8. Dr. Moll has worked as a school psychologist at the Runkle School since 2003 and has over twenty years of experience in developing behavioral interventions and meeting the academic, social-emotional, and adaptive functioning needs of her students. In her time at Runkle, Dr. Moll helped co-author a Brookline Education Foundation grant for school staff to receive instruction on developmentally appropriate ways to teach executive functioning skills, and provided district-wide training to paraprofessionals on building relationships with children impacted by behavioral and emotional disturbances.


Dr. Moll previously served in the Worcester Youth Guidance Center and was an adjunct professor for the Boston College Lynch School of Education. She earned Cum Laude honors from Tufts University and a Doctor of Psychology from William James College.

Summer Williams, Associate Dean of Students, Brookline High School

Ms. Williams is the new Associate Dean of Students at Brookline High School.  She has been a member of the BHS faculty for 14 years as an educator in the Performing Arts Department, teaching Drama, co-leading the BHS Drama Society and serving as Director of many BHS productions.  Ms. Williams founded and now is on the Board of Directors of Company One Theatre in Boston, and she is an adjunct professor at the Boston Conservatory at Berklee teaching Musical Theatre and Contemporary Theatre courses.


Ms. Williams earned her Bachelor of Arts in Theatre from Clark University and her Master’s in Education also from Clark University.

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