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150+ community members attend public hearing on 9th School Alternative Site Study


More than 150 community members attended the Public Hearing on the 9th School Alternative Site Study to hear public comment on the proposed options for expanding school capacity, addressing Brookline’s overcrowded schools, and our historic enrollment growth. The hearing was jointly held by the Select Board, the School Committee and the Ad Hoc Subcommittee to the Advisory Committee.


Over 40 people spoke on a wide range of issues and in favor of a variety of options. Issues included the size of schools, how students should get to school, the need for renovations at Pierce and Driscoll, a single site solution, bundling a number of the options as a multiple site solution, the need for supporting a decision, urging the boards to continue to move forward, the costs of the projects to taxpayers, the need to preserve existing open space, and even thanking the boards for their work, plus many other topics.


The hearing was streamed live by the Brookline Interactive Group. The link to the video will be shared here when the video is posted by BIG.


The collected boards will meet next on June 13th at 7:00 p.m. in the Select Board Hearing Room on the 6th floor of Town Hall.


To review the presentation and other materials related to the 9th School Alternative Site Study, please clck here



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