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School Committee Bids Farewell to Stram and Chang


Current and past School Committee members and Superintendent Bott honored outgoing committee members Beth Jackson Stram and Ben Chang during a celebration of their service to the Public Schools of Brookline before the April 26th School Committee meeting. Ms. Stram’s husband and their three children also attended. Those gathered hailed both Ms. Stram and Mr. Chang as dedicated public servants who shared similar qualities – strong financial skills, directness, honesty, and an unyielding commitment to the children of Brookline. The School Committee reflected on Mr. Chang’s ability to provide much needed perspective to the work and their discussions. A number of her past and present colleague’s thanked Ms Stram for her leadership through two overrides, first as the co-chair of the 2014 Override Study Committee and more recently as the chair of the Finance Subcommittee. Those present commented on Mr. Chang’s leadership in guiding the committee through the revision of many important policies including bullying prevention and wellness. The District wishes the best to Ms. Stram and Mr. Chang, and is grateful for their service and commitment to the Brookline Schools.


honoring Stram and Chang

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